Pediatric Occupational Therapy – For Challenges in Early Childhood Development

We are Rachel and Scott, a husband and wife team of Occupational Therapists and co-owners of Mindful Movement Inc..

Our Pediatric Occupational Therapy services address fine motor skills, visual perception, daily living skills and sensory processing.

  • Is your child struggling with printing or handwriting, having difficulty copying notes and keeping up in class?
  • Are there concerns with fine motor development in their Preschool or Kindergarten program?
  • Does your child get overwhelmed by sensory input or do they appear to not respond to input? Have they been diagnosed with a Sensory Processing Disorder?

These are some typical reasons for a referral for individualized Occupational Therapy services. Early identification and assessment followed by individually designed programming can address each child’s specific issues and allow them to participate in learning and play.

We provide:

  • Individual assessment & programming
  • Classroom consultation
  • In-services for teachers, teacher assistants and parents.
  • Products & resources

Our goal is to teach children using a multisensory approach. We get them out of their desks and away from the pencil/paper tasks and engage them using different media. We get them moving so their body remembers how to form the letters or where the keys are located on the keyboard.

If attention and focus are challenges, do they know what makes them calm or what energizes them? We are able to explore their sensory preferences and work with them to develop strategies.

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